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So who are you?

I am MrJDucky, JXXXE, RandomeVideoTube, Crysis Dankar or whatever the hell you want to call me. I play games and sometimes make stupid lil' videos on Youtube. I'm by no means a popular Youtuber nor do many people know who I am but hopefully one day I'll get a nice little community of people that can group together and make a difference to the world, even if just a little. I make video's because I love playing games. I love making videos, and although circumstances haven't always been ideal for making video's I do try to keep them coming. Maybe one day I'll get into a proper schedule for uploading but until then, keep your eyes peeled!

You don't get many views, why not give up?

I don't care how many views I get on my videos. 1, 25, 1,025. As long as someone has watched my video at least once and it's brought a smile to their face or even a little tiny fraction of joy to their day then that's the video done its job. You find these day's that people start youtube with the mindset of "I'm gonna get loads of views, make loads of money and be a professional Youtuber". If you start with that mindset you've already failed. Youtube is about connecting with people and doing what you love. If you make a little cash on the side that's cool, but don't make that your primary objective for making videos.

Why youtube?

Many people don't understand the point in youtube. They wonder why you would want to watch someone playing a game rather than playing it yourself. To me, youtube is much more than that. Especially in the gaming community of youtube. Youtube is about connecting with people and making them smile, laugh or cry with you while you play. It's about watching your favourite person play your favourite game. You take a look at some of the big names: Jacksepticeye, Markiplier and PewDiePie etc. Do you think people only watch them for the games? Nah, they watch them because they enjoy the person behind the camera. That's why I enjoy youtube.

Who are your favourite YouTubers?

I think this is an easy question to answer. My favourite Youtuber is Markipler. I was honestly never into watching video's on youtube much until I found him. I watched his Outlast series and loved it and I have been watching him ever since. He is one of my favourite people in existence because he makes youtube video's because he loves doing it. He loves putting a smile on peoples faces and you can see how true and honest he is in the vlog type of video's where he explains how much it matters to him.
"If more people gave than they took, the world would be a better place" ~ Markiplier.

Story so far.

The Beginning.

I started out on Youtube in 2012. My first proper 'Let's Play' video was a Minecraft Tekkit server review type thing. The sound was horrible and the music was great. I even got a copyright claim from it. It wasn't all bad though. I mean it got 36 views, a like and a comment. That's gotta count for something right? Well, from there I progressed further with my video skills making more Minecraft videos. One of the first popular ones I created was with JDSpecs. It got 589 and at the time, was the record high.


After Minecraft, I moved onto different games such as Face of Mankind (R.I.P) and some Indie games. I've always tried to stick with Indie games, I feel that they generally have more feeling, passion and thought put into them. Okay graphics but great story.

What next?

Well after that I think I did what all YouTubers do at some point. I threw my hands in the air and went "What the hell do I do now?". After questioning this for some time, I began the Outlast series which begun in 2014 and recently ended in 2016. As you can tell if you watch the series, I hate horror games but I stuck through it. That, my friend, is dedication.

What Now?

Well, now It's all down to finding new stuff to do that keeps you, the viewer, interested in what I post. I try to stick to games but hopefully later down the line I might start other stuff such as Sketches and what not, but hopefully, you'll stick with me on the journey and we'll get a laugh with each other.