Ducky on Mixer.


So who are you?

I am MrJDucky and I stream on the magnificent site called at I stream a veriety of games from Euro Truck to FortNite to Death Road to Canada and Outlast. Most of my time on stream is taken up by interactive streams playing games such as Jackbox TV and the Telltale game. I enjoy streaming any type of game though, really. I don't like sticking to one game or one genre for my streams, I like to keep them spicy. So if you want to come along, chill out and enjoy the show. Feel free! We'd be happy to have you in the community.

You don't get many views, why not give up?

Views is something I've never really been bothered about. I stream because I enjoy doing it, wither that means I have 2 viewers or 200 viewers as long as I'm having fun and you're having fun that's all that matters.

Why Streaming?

Many people don't understand the point in Streaming. They wonder why you would want to watch someone playing a game rather than playing it yourself. To me streaming is much more than that. Streaming is about connecting with people and making them smile, laugh or cry with you while you play. It's about watching your favourite person play your favourite game. You take a look at some of the big names: {Insert Big Streamer Names Here} etc. Do you think people only watch them for the games? Nah, they watch them because they enjoy the person behind the camera. That's why I enjoy streaming.

Who are your favourite Streamer?

Man, I don't think I could pick just one and in my opinion you can't have just favourite streamer. So in short, if I watch you while you stream, then you're my favourite streamer.