Who am I?

And what do I do?

Social Enthusiast

I love and live for Social Networking and Social Media. I love watching social media sites grow and all the new things that appear on them.


I'm also a self-proclaimed Youtuber. Perhaps not well known, or well watched... but, I try and that is what's important!


I love games! I enjoy watching people play them, I like playing them even more! I also love hearing about new games and projects coming out!


I'm also a Mixer streamer. My schedule is sporadic, my games are nomadic. I'm terrible at Rhymes but that doesn't matter...

What are my goals in life?

This... This is a question that I ask myself a lot through the days. It is one however that get's the same answer over and over. My goal in life is simple, I've said it before and I will say it again, it is to make others happy. To give them that little bit of joy that get's them through the day. I don't care for lots of money, I would like enough to keep me going and let me do the things I love, but ultimately. Making others happy is what I live for. Seeing them through each day, being a shoulder to cry on or a someone to talk to. It's what makes me happy. Making others happy.

So who are you?

Now, this is the part we all struggle with, talking about ourselves... I am Ducky, also known as MrJDucky, and I'm a pretty meh kinda Scottish 22-year-old guy. I don't know what to say really. I was born in Fife on the east coast of Scotland and I moved away when I was 3 and have lived in this current location ever since... I've made it through Nursery, Primary School, High school and 5 years at college. Earning myself 3 years worth of NQ levels (+Other stuff) along with an HNC and HND in Interactive Media which is a fancy way of saying Web Development and Design. So yeah... Hopefully, that gives you an insight into who I am, what I know. If it didn't then there are some faq's below...


Frequently Asked Quacks

Hey Ducky, What's your favourite animal?

Well... I thought this one would have been an obvious answer. It's a pigeon. Haaaaa, no I joke. My favourite animal is probably any type of Monkey or Ape. Now don't get me wrong, I love Ducks and Pugs, but Monkey's and Ape's just melt my heart. I love them!

Hey Ducky, What's your favourite food?

Ohh, now this is a good one. It's making my mouth wet already! My favourite food has to be either a Kebab or a nice warm Donner Calzone. Mhhhh Mhh Mhmm! You just can't beat them!

Hey Ducky, Do you have a job?

I do actually have a job currently, aye. It pays enough and keeps me occupied. I have a few side jobs though, one of which is working at AkkrinNet as a "Social Media Liaison". It sounds so fancy, I know, It's great!

Hey Ducky, How did you get the name MrJDucky?

Well, it all started on the Xbox 360. There was a small group of us who changed our Gamertags to "RubberDuck(First Initial of our name)35". So mine would be 'RubberDuckJ35". This was my Gamertag for quite a while until I joined Tactical Gaming then I started getting called Ducky. As result, I changed my tag to "TG Ducky" and then to "MrJDucky". Mr because I'm a dude. J because it's my initial and Ducky because... Everyone calls me Ducky.